So according to a recent advert I found stuck in my front door, one political move has made Justin Trudeau a “tax and spend liberal.” That’s at least what Lisa Raitt wants me to believe. Only one move does it – it’s what they call reductionism in philosophy. The flyer looked like it had been printed on a mimeograph machine from Mr. Ross’s graphic arts class in 9th grade. Actually he would have used an AB Dick 360 press. Much better quality.

Is a “tax and spend” liberal the same as a tax and create infrastructure liberal?

On the backside of the leaflet it reads: “With compliments from Lisa Raitt.” I guess that’s like saying “I approve this ad.” Wonder if she gave it any more thought than the kind of jam she puts on her toast in the morning.

Thanks for lowering our expectations once again. No wonder about only 20% of young people vote. I don’t blame them. It’s why years ago I sometimes spoiled my ballot here and there. The anarchist from Rexdale wanted to let the world know he didn’t like his political choices. Seems like, in some ways, not much has changed.

Love the equivocation, the appeal to my wallet, the fallacious reasoning.

Love the sweeping generalizations, the shoddy conclusions, the serious dialogue.

Nice try.

It’s all about numbers for the Conservatives.  Quantify your results. Increase the bottom line, reduce the tax bill and while you’re at it itemize what’s in it for me. Where’s the Other in all of this close-minded lack of debate? Actually I don’t really care as long as the bottom line grows. It’s what the game show host Rob Ford has been telling us all along. At least he’s saved us X amount of dollars.

Mrs. Raitt tells us that Justin Trudeau’s “top priority” is legalizing marijuana. You’ve got to be kidding me. Really Lisa? His top priority? Does anyone really believe that? He’s a former schoolteacher, not a David Wilcox roadie. He apparently also has no plans to support job creation either: no priorities for the economy; no real position on health or foreign affairs and believes that the budget will balance itself. I did say schoolteacher right? Guess Justin must have failed Math and English and maybe flunked civics studies as well. Wonder if he knows the difference between Play-Doh and Plato. He does have the hair of a movie star after all. Maybe it’s Justin Bieber they’re talking about? Actually the straw man the Conservatives want us to believe Trudeau is has more political substance than that. Indeed.

Is this what a supposedly serious minded politician in the Conservative party wants me to believe about a serious minded politician in the opposing party?

You try for a few good reasons to convince me not to support Justin Trudeau and this is all you can come up with? You have an 8.5 x 11 two-sided piece of paper (a small amount of ideological real estate) and this is what your political experts create. For anyone interested in substantive debate of any kind, for anyone willing to ask deeper questions and for anyone who wants a political landscape that is deeper than it is wide, you’ve done a very poor job Lisa with this recent handout – about as poor as your media team did on your mimeograph comedy design work.

Are you preaching to the converted here or actually trying to win my vote? Forget about relevant debate, how about just telling me, and everyone else who received this poorly reproduced piece of Conservative propaganda, the truth.

Can you imagine a study on political truth? Wonder what that might look like. After all numbers don’t lie now do they? Let’s quantify that. Qualitatively of course.

In a short paragraph you’ve used the word tax or taxes 16 times. Could you be a little more obvious? Self-interest will win if you’re a conservative – tighten your belt, pull up your bootstraps. Whatever you do don’t look to me for help. As long as it’s not in my backyard we’re all going to be okay. Build your pressure treated fence high enough and no one will bother you. Putting up with the aroma from (good old what’s his name) BBQ down the street will be about all you’ll need to do to in this self-obsessed, cocooned, newspeak like approach we seem to be heading towards.

Close your door. Add up all your rebates and put the money towards building a higher fence. Seems like that’s what the Conservatives want us to do.

Once you’ve nailed the last anti-relational nail in the pressure treated board have another look at this supposedly important political notice. It’s a scare tactic. The poor design, presupposition and over simplification only ups the ante on the “insults my intelligence” factor.

With my compliments.

David Peck

May 2014