I was at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto recently for several meetings. There was a teacher’s conference going on and a huge crowd around the TV in the main lobby as they watched, oohed, awed and cheered as Canada won the Olympic hockey game against the US. Big deal. Who gives a nationalistic rats ass? Can you tell I was in a bad mood?

As I sat there in the lobby, doing a little work here and there, I counted at least 25 Canada Goose jackets go by.  Commodity as Spectacle. I found it a little irritating. I’m not totally sure why, but I wasn’t feeling any kind of consumeristic love at that moment. I wasn’t celebrating the free and easy access we have to things here in the sometimes over indulgent West. Maybe it’s the excess.


Maybe it’s the lack of individuality. Maybe it’s the sense of prolific sameness. Sorry for the judgmental, liberal BS, but today it’s bothering me. Usually a little people watching can go a long way. If nothing else it can be quite entertaining. Lot’s to learn about others. And plenty of Goose down this afternoon. They seem to be more popular these days than the pet rock ever was. The brand is slowly taking over. I now see them everywhere – parking lots, banks, Wal-Mart bus stops. It’s a Goose down invasion.

When I first saw one only a few weeks ago I thought they were merely a low-end brand reaching out to do something environmental. The patch from a distance looks like a little bit of colorful green washing to me. You know Old Navy meets eco friendly activism. I was wrong. I just Googled the label and apparently these coats are a big time Canadian label and sell for anywhere between $650.00 and about a $1000.00. Sorry I don’t get it. Believe me I understand nice clothes and enjoying the finer things. But a $1000.00 on a winter coat? It’s full of feathers. Things you can find for free down on Kew beach in Toronto.

Low end they are not. Manufactured in Canada, by people named Maria, with a Thermal Experience Index (TEI) factor/chart/graph they’re taking the winter coat experience to a whole new level. Been in business 50 years apparently. Boy was I wrong.

Yes I know it’s been a cold winter and yes I too, like Nic Cage, feel like a better man when I put on a nice suit, as he tells his wife in the Christmas movie A Family Man.

I suppose my jean jacket and hoodie will have to go by the wayside.

Ironic that the last time I was at the Sheraton overnight I saw two men sleeping on Adelaide street by a few subway grates at around midnight. Wondering if they’re sleeping bags were made of Canada Goose down. Actually I think the one guy was covered with a cardboard, makeshift blanket. Cozy.

Guess, though, we had to come up with something. With all the issues Lulu Lemon has been having this past little while, with shoddy product and see through tights it’s time we all moved onto a new kind of brand loyalty. They do after all define us.

Hey there goes another goose down coat of feathers sewn into a people coat made of feathers. Geese and people.

Wonder what Gary Larson from the Far Side would have done with that image.

David Peck – Feb 2014