Early reports from attendees confirm that yChange Vancouver was a great day! Roughly 200 people joined us for the event, including a dozen fantastic volunteers, and representatives from 16 different charities, NGOs and sponsoring organizations. In response to the event, one person wrote, “We are now looking at where to go – and not just what to think – from here.”

Our speakers were inspiring and encouraged us to make choices that would promote lasting and sustainable change in Vancouver and beyond. While it goes against our nature to believe that the “waterfall starts with one drop” and that “one person can really make a difference,” at yChange we began to consider what it would mean if thesestatements were accepted as the truth they are. Together, we were moved to ponder, dream about, and pursue a better way for our world.

Highlights included thoughtful, grounded and illuminating plenary sessions by Brian McLaren and Greg Paul, a funny and stirring Skype chat with Shane Claiborne, and honest, encouraging breakout sessions. All-in-all, yChange was a huge success and each part of the event came together to create a whole which was much richer, deeper, and more penetrating than we ever could have planned! We all felt, in our own way, bound together by hope.