I met Max Khan recently at a local Starbucks and we enjoyed an overpriced coffee and hyper-caloried muffin together. We talked social change, politics and about making a difference. Have you seen the inner work on Starbucks sweets? Out of the calorific park.

Max has served in the liberal party for some time, has a great sense of humour and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. I like that in a politician. He’s acted as a local councilor in Oakville and ‎even has the time to run a full time law practice. He specializes in human rights. My coffee cup wasn’t even half empty (or was it half full) and I felt like I’d known Max for some time. Speaks volumes to me about character, substance and style. Felt like we were picking up where we left off years ago and yet we’d never met before.
One observation that I must share is that I think the biggest difference between Max and Justin Trudeau has everything to do with hairline. One is fully challenged and the other is fully blessed. I’ve heard though that Max is way more stylish than Justin. He’s a cross between VinDiesel and Bruce Willis. He shakes hands like The Rock. He might be a trial lawyer, but he could easily have had a career in acting or maybe even the fashion scene. Trust me. I know these things. Okay so that’s all a little silly and trite. To be sure there are some real differences between the two leaders, but overall they both have a commitment to people, planet and prosperity. Not profit, but prosperity. Triple bottom line that the liberals have reimagined. Way more inclusive than profit. Speaks about and to the other. How can you argue with that?

Max has survived cancer three times. Sounds like the content of a reality based TV show. Most don’t survive it the first time around. Guess for him good things do indeed come in threes. Without a doubt the cosmos has given this fighter several chances to make a difference.  By all accounts that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s a volunteer; he’s worked on the assembly line at the Ford plant and is an advocate for social justice issues of all kinds. He’s giving back, and wants to stimulate dialogue and‎ create local and global change.

He’s currently campaigning to run for the liberals in the North Oakville and Burlington ridings. Something I’m particularly thrilled about. If all goes well he’ll be replacing our current MP Lisa Raitt. I’m not a huge fan. I know she’s busy, but I’ve still had no response to two letters, an email and phone call about an issue she clearly doesn’t care about. Trouble is that I do care about it – a great deal. She’s busy. I get it. Understandable I suppose and yet still unacceptable. Not enough time to even return an email or call or time to listen to a concerned constituent?

I haven’t seen enough relational evidence to believe that the Conservative’s have a healthy understanding of how to treat others with fairness, decency and respect. It’s about “fiscal responsibility” and the bottom line. Sanctity of human life is not an indicator for them on some levels. Profits drive their decision-making it seems to me, not their concern for the other.

Max knocked on our door recently and asked for our support and nomination for our riding. He’s got it. Wonder what’s going to happen once I start to peel back a few of the ideological, political and relational layers to candidate Khan.

I barely know him and he already has my vote.

May 2014