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Percy Ross

 I was speaking recently at an event at The Market Hall in Peterborough that made me realize just how bright and creative high school students can be. Never really thought about it before, or thought that Canadian young people weren’t top notch, but “Project Tactic” has given me an injection of hope.

The event was a good reminder again how important notions of freedom, choice and responsibility really are. It’s an initiative that brings together the creativity of film students with the community reach of the police who are looking towards creating better digital citizens and protecting us all from internet crimes. The night was really about the movie shorts these Fleming College students had made about online potential security issues of one kind or another – sexting, identity theft and so on.

The films were terrific. The scripts were crisp. Original music and great camera work for all of these short masterpieces. What a talented bunch. I was amazed at the passion and commitment of this group and their desire for social change.

My congratulations and applause go to all the artistic media savvy, high school students involved in this worthy campaign. And also to Shirley Turner, Constable Lynne Buelher, Kerri Kightley and Andy Guthrie of Page design. They were responsible for leading, guiding and inspiring this group of young change makers.

One of the things Sergeant Buelher mentioned at the event was that when they started she felt they were tackling, what she called, “…an unprecedented challenge…” How good is that? They were concerned and had doubts and yet they creatively stared the project in the face and stepped out into unchartered territory either way. That should be applauded.

The whole campaign begins in September 2012. Check it out at:

Nice work.